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Restoring your body’s natural vitality and its ability to heal itself

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What We Do Is Get to the Root Cause

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Gut Health


At Food Centered Solutions, our team is expertly trained to address the symptoms and causes of your digestive discomfort and create an effective plan to improve gut function.

We are specially trained to help you reduce and resolve symptoms of:

• Gas and Bloating                       • Chronic Diarrhea

• Chronic Diarrhea                       • Leaky Gut

• Increased Food Reactions        • Acid Reflux

• GERD                                          • SIBO

• Inflammatory Bowel Disease    • IBS           

And are looking for answers, schedule a 15-min consultation with us today!

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Get A Better Hand-Up To Better Health

Achieve your goals using specialized Functional Nutrition techniques.

Getting To The "Why" For Better Health


“With the guidance and sincere care, the functional nutritionists at Food Centered Solutions helped me to dramatically reduce my GERD symptoms and joint pain so I could get in and out of my car and go for walk."

A.T. - Hollywood, FL

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